About Us

Established in 2001 and has made over 4 million varieties of caramel chocolate apples. We have shipped our apples all over US, Canada & England. We have our own recipe and use only made in USA products. We use 100 count Washington green Granny Smith extra fancy apples for our caramel apples. We also make specialty items, such as fudge and chocolate.

It all started in beautiful city of Vancouver Canada; Miss Sedi was a schoolteacher in Richmond Vancouver. She starts making homemade caramel apples for her classroom’s students. Soon she realized caramel apples are everyone’s all-time favorite. They are loved by, kids, parents, teacher & gift givers. She continued selling these after moving to California. Using the same recipe, we have sold over 4 million caramel apples. Which include orders for wedding, birthday, corporate events and more. We are best in making fresh caramel apples. We only use local American products.

Check for our Classic Caramel Apples. They are the first products that we had and we have improved them so much!